On 21/09/2016 21:40, Rob Stradling wrote:
On 21/09/16 15:06, Rob Stradling wrote:
I ran some queries earlier today on the crt.sh DB, to find all CNs,
dNSNames and iPAddresses in all unexpired certs whose issuer names
include either "WoSign" or "StartCom".  Then I cross-referenced that
with the latest PSL data to discover the unique base domains:

Someone contacted me off-list (thanks!) to point out that my lists were
incomplete.  I'd missed a load of base domains delegated below the new
gTLDs.  (I hadn't spotted that my local copy of
https://data.iana.org/TLD/tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt was rather out of date).

Updated count and gists...

  Unique Base Domains: 127,355

  Unique Base Domains: 259,712



  Unique CNs/dNSNames: 395,222
  Unique Base Domains: 118,785
  Unique IP Addresses: 154

  Unique CNs/dNSNames: 706,020
  Unique Base Domains: 249,841
  Unique IP Addresses: 0

While you are at it:

1. How many WoSign/StartCom certificates did you find with domains not
  on that IANA list?

2. How many WoSign/StartCom certificates did you find for other uses
  than https://www.example.tld:

2.1 Certificates for "odd" subdomains such as "extranet.example.com"

2.2 Certificates for e-mail

2.3 Code signing certificates

2.4 Others?


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