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> All,
> I think it is time for us to change the domains that we are using for the 
> CCADB as follows.
> Change the links for...
> 1)  CAs to login to the CCADB
> from
> https://mozillacacommunity.force.com/
> to
> https://ccadb.force.com/
> 2) all published reports
> from
> https://mozillacaprogram.secure.force.com/
> to
> https://ccadb.secure.force.com/
> We asked Salesforce for a temporary redirect from the old to the new URLs, 
> but that was declined because we're not paying for premium support for the 
> CCADB. (Other than this change, I do not currently see the need for us to pay 
> for premium support.)

Is it also a "premium" feature to use custom domain names?  I think it
would probably make sense to use ccadb.org (which seems to belong to
Mozilla) rather than force.com.

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