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I think it is time for us to change the domains that we are using for
the CCADB as follows.

Change the links for...

1)  CAs to login to the CCADB

2) all published reports

We asked Salesforce for a temporary redirect from the old to the new
URLs, but that was declined because we're not paying for premium
support for the CCADB. (Other than this change, I do not currently
see the need for us to pay for premium support.)

Is it also a "premium" feature to use custom domain names?  I think it
would probably make sense to use (which seems to belong to
Mozilla) rather than

Mozilla could CNAME from to <whatever>, and then
declare that the URLs are the official ones.

Is that what you meant, Peter?

You cannot set up a CNAME without configuring Salesforce, since they would not know your Host/SNI header, and they would not serve a cert that is valid for your domain.

You can set up a new domain in Salesforce while keeping the old without premium support, as long as the new domain is a custom domain and not a domain.

Jesper Kristensen
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