Hi Rick,

I don't see a "May 4th post". Where was it posted? Not here it seems.

Also it's reasonable that Symantec wants to "address impact to their customers" 
but what about impact to all of the browsers users? It may be a good idea to 
try and address (in your proposals) that to.

So far I have not seen much more than "trust us, we take it seriously and we'll 
do it right from now on". But what do you think of Eric's idea? He seems to 
suggest a way forward that may be used to turn the whole debacle into an 
advantage for you.

CU Hans

On Monday, 8 May 2017 00:09:19 UTC+2, Rick Andrews  wrote:
> I'm posting this on behalf of Symantec:
> We would like to update the community about our ongoing dialogue with Google. 
> Following our May 4th post, senior executives at Google and Symantec 
> established a new dialogue with the intention to arrive at a new proposal for 
> the community that addresses the substantial customer impact that would 
> result from prior proposals. We urge Symantec customers and the browser 
> community to pause on decisions related to this matter until final proposals 
> are posted and accepted. The intent of both Google and Symantec is to arrive 
> at a proposal that improves security while minimizing business disruption 
> across the community.
> We want to reassure the community that we are taking these matters and the 
> impact on the community very seriously.

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