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> We maintain contact details both within our CPS (like other CAs) and
> at https://pki.goog so that people can reach us expeditiously. In the
> future if anyone needs to reach us please use those details.

I just tried to see what I'd do if I wanted to report issues with
Google's CA (assuming I don't know where its webpage lives and assuming
I don't know any Googlers to report this directly).

When I look into the cert details the certificates for Google webpages
are issued by
"Google Internet Authority G2"

If I goole for that I end up at

This page has a similar style as the pki.goog, but notably it doesn't
list any contact info. It has an FAQ, but that doesn't have any
question of the form "How do I report a problem with your CA?"

The only thing that might be helpful is a pointer to report security
incidents. I'd probably have done that, though I would be unsure, as
it's debatable whether an offline OCSP counts as a security issue.


I think the whole CA incident reporting question has lots of room for
improvement. And I think this should be considered in a way that people
who are not familiar with the details of the CA ecosystem can
successfully report incidents. I.e. saying "you can find all the
contact info in our CPS" is not particularly helpful, as nobody outside
a small circle of people knows what that is.
I think if people try the "natural" way of contacting a certificate
issuing entity this should lead to a successful outcome. (And that is
more or less "This has been issued by X, so I try to contact X".)

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