I read this whole thread from top to bottom this afternoon/evening, and all I 
got was a splitting headache and this lousy t-shirt:

But seriously folks, just a couple of simple questions.

Firstly, is this a private discussion or may any member of the Great Unwashed 
Massed wander in a share a thought or two?  (I have a couple such, but I'll 
admit up front that they may be worth what y'all are likely to pay for them.)

Second I've noted the frequent use of the word "transparency", or derivatives 
thereof, both within this thread, and also within the letter sent by the CEO of 
DarkMatter to Mozilla, a PDF of which was linked to earlier in this thread.  
(In that letter, that word, transparency, or a derivative thereof, was used no 
fewer than four times.)

I bring this up only because, after having read this whole thread from top to 
bottom, I seem to have missed any reference to any list which provides specific
information regarding the current set of natural person beneficial owners of 
DarkMatter.  Given DarkMatter's proclaimed and evident commitment to 
transparency, I feel quite sure that I must have just missed the link to that 
info, so if someone would be kind enough to re-post that, I sure would 
appreciate it.

I'll hold off sharing any other of my thoughts on this matter until I have an 
adequate opportunity to peruse that list, which I hope will include information 
on the percentage ownership for each of the relevant natural persons.

It will be quite interesting, for me at least, to see what other associations 
each of the relevant natural persons presently has, or has historically had.  
In the past, I've been able tease out some interesting information about 
corporate entities and their owners, purported or otherwise, via diligent 
research, including even at least one company that's incorporated in U.A.E.  
(Google for "HostSailor".  As it turned out, that thing was/is actually run by 
a native Egyptian who incorporated the company in U.A.E. but who quite possibly 
never even set foot in the country.  Oh yea.  And he threatened both me and 
Brian Krebs with lawsuits for saying bad things about him.  Apparently, word of 
the adoption of the U.S. First Amendment travels slowly to certain portions of 
the globe.  But I digress.)

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