My apologies to the list for having unintentionally posted two
rather different versions of the same post, one long, and one

I had initially tried to post using the Google Groups web interface,
but there was, apparently, a dramatic lag time in that post actually
being relayed to the list proper.  In fact, the lag time was so large
that I did not believe that my first attempt to post had worked at all.
(I believed that Googe Groups had simply sent it to a black hole
someplace.)  So I switched to Plan B, joined the mailing list proper,
and then posted a shorter version of what I had wanted to say, this
time via email.

Again, my apologies for the duplication.  I ask that everyone to believe
me when I say that I simply had no idea, until now, that messages were
being passed from Google Groups to Mozilla mailing lists via carrier

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