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>we conducted the same research with 85,000 active users over a period of 
>12 months

As I've already pointed out weeks ago when you first raised this, your
marketing department conducted a survey of EV marketing effectiveness.  If
you have a refereed, peer-reviewed study published at a conference or in 
an academic journal, please reference it, not a marketing survey 
masquerading as a "study".

A second suggestion, if you don't want to publish any research (by which I
mean real research, not rent-seeking CA marketing) supporting your position, 
is that you fork Firefox - it is after all an open-source product - add 
whatever EV UI you like to it, and publish it as an alternative to Firefox.  
If your approach works as you claim, it'll be so obviously superior to 
Firefox that everyone will go with your fork rather than the original.

For everyone else who feels this interminable debate has already gone on
far too long and I'm not helping it, yeah, sorry, I'd consigned the thread 
to the spam folder for awhile, had a brief look back, and saw this, which 
indicates it's literally gone nowhere in about a month.

I can see why Mozilla avoided this endless broken-record discussion, it's
not contributing anything but just going round and round in circles.

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