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> Sorry for the top-post.
> I really appreciate the numbered list below, Keith. Specifically the
> answers to #1 and #4 make me very happy.
> I think #5 needs some a little more concrete (IMO, you should just
> decide what it should be).
> #6 +1 to a message to private, this is how Apache general requests this
> be done).
> While I can appreciate your stance on #3 and I think I would not call it
> a blocker either, this is probably something worth the 15-30 minutes of
> investigation. Sean/Mike may feel more strongly than I do. Learning from
> others, even if it just dropping an email to dev@spark directly to ask
> the question goes a long way..

As for #3, the question "hey, why are you *NOT* doing X" seems to me to be
a weird question to ask of one specific group from the set of all groups
also not doing X. Since it doesn't make sense to me, I'm not going to
volunteer, but I'll support anybody who does step up. If nobody does
volunteer, though, this part of the discussion seems to be headed nowhere.

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