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From: Keith Turner [mailto:ke...@deenlo.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 12:53 PM
To: Accumulo Dev List <dev@accumulo.apache.org>
Subject: [VOTE] Switch to GitHub issues

Accumulo PMC,

Please vote on initiating the transition from JIRA to GitHub. The purpose of 
this vote is to see if there is agreement on the following three items the 
community discussed.

  * Using this workflow initially :
  * The ability to modify the workflow via lazy consensus through discussions 
on the dev list.
  * The goal of only using one issue tracker after a transition period in which 
two are used.

If the vote passes, I will ask Infra to enable Github Issues and then merge the 
website PR.

This vote will be open through at least Fri Mar 16 16:45:00 UTC 2018 (Fri Mar 
16 12:45:00 EDT 2018 / Fri Mar 16 09:45:00 PDT 2018)

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