Hi everyone,

Tim's post about not having a platform to run Visual Studio 2017 recently
sparked a discussion between Duane, Ragnar and I about adding project and
solution files for older versions of visual studio to the NMS AMQP Provider
and were looking for guidance. 

Currently, the project only contains visual studio 2017 project and solution
files. This was chosen among other things to, 1) reduce the number of of
project files by using the new csproj format multi-target framework
capabilities, and 2) leverage the nuget package integration in the new
csproj format. Other providers seem to contain whatever visual studio files
they need to build.  There were two points of discussion that we are looking
guidance in.

1) Is visual studio 2017 too new to expected a wide variety of developers to
be able to pickup and look at this project? Does anyone have any insight
into this? 

2) Is there an automated system that depends on building tools that predate
visual studio 2017 equivalent build tools? Would it easier for CI builds if
there were project/solution files that can be built with tools the predate
vs2017? If this is not the right place to ask this, then where should I ask

Based on the feedback from the above two points we'd like to come to a
decision on adding project/solution files for previous Visual Studio
versions for initial release of the new AMQP Provider. 

If anyone has any question about this please let me know.

Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan
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