Hi all,

I'm starting to write some very exotic Operators that are a bit strange
adding to contrib. Examples of this are:

+ See if a Compute snapshot of a disc is created
+ See if a string appears on the serial port of Compute instance

but they would be a nice addition if we had a Google Compute plugin (or any
other cloud provider, AWS, Azure, ...). I'm not talking about getting cloud
support out of the main source tree. No, I'm talking about grouping them
together in a consistent part. We can even start adding macro's etc. This
would be a good opportunity to move all the GCP operators together, making
them consistent without braking the existing operators that exist in

Here are a few requirements that I think of:

   - separate folder ( example  <airflow>/integration/googlecloud ,
   ,  <airflow>/integration/azure )
   - enable in config (don't want to load integrations I don't use)
   - based on Plugin (same interface)


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