What do others think? I know Sid is a big AWS user.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:24 AM, Chris Riccomini <criccom...@apache.org> wrote:
> Ya, if we go the deprecation route, and let them float around for a
> release or two, I'm OK with that (or until we bump major to 2.0).
> Other than that, it sounds like a good opportunity to clean things up.
> :) I do notice a lot of AWS/GCP code (e.g. the S3 Redshift operator).
> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:16 AM, Alex Van Boxel <a...@vanboxel.be> wrote:
>> Well, I wouldn't touch the on that exist (maybe we could mark them
>> deprecated, but that's all). But I would move (copy) them together and make
>> them consistent (example, let them all use the same default connection_id,
>> ...). For a new user it's quite confusing I think due to different reasons
>> (style, etc...) you know we have an old ticket: making gcp consistent (I
>> just don't want to start on this on, on fear of breaking something).
>> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 4:59 PM Chris Riccomini <criccom...@apache.org>
>> wrote:
>> Hmm. What advantages would this provide? I'm a little nervous about
>> breaking compatibility. We have a bunch of DAGs which import all kinds
>> of GCP hooks and operators. Wouldn't want those to move.
>> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 7:54 AM, Alex Van Boxel <a...@vanboxel.be> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm starting to write some very exotic Operators that are a bit strange
>>> adding to contrib. Examples of this are:
>>> + See if a Compute snapshot of a disc is created
>>> + See if a string appears on the serial port of Compute instance
>>> but they would be a nice addition if we had a Google Compute plugin (or
>> any
>>> other cloud provider, AWS, Azure, ...). I'm not talking about getting
>> cloud
>>> support out of the main source tree. No, I'm talking about grouping them
>>> together in a consistent part. We can even start adding macro's etc. This
>>> would be a good opportunity to move all the GCP operators together, making
>>> them consistent without braking the existing operators that exist in
>>> *contrib*.
>>> Here are a few requirements that I think of:
>>>    - separate folder ( example  <airflow>/integration/googlecloud ,
>>> <airflow>/integration/aws
>>>    ,  <airflow>/integration/azure )
>>>    - enable in config (don't want to load integrations I don't use)
>>>    - based on Plugin (same interface)
>>> Thoughts?

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