Amanda (et al),

Here’s a great guide to git-svn:

It is another thing to learn (sorry about that), but the SVN setup (especially 
for web site stuff) is pretty deeply baked into the infrastructure of the ASF.

Additionally, the ASF has (ultimately) legal responsibility over the authority 
and access of the code and content it (through us) produces. Even pull-requests 
accepted for Apache projects via GitHub still go through the same CLA processes 
before getting merged into the ASF-level git repository—which is then 
synchronized back to GitHub. The GitHub mirrors are there mostly for 
findability, afiak. :)

We will have a git repo for our code.
The svn repo is needed only for the web site, and hopefully git-svn will help 
ease folks into using it—but SVN’s pretty easy to learn (especially for web 
site stuff). Tools like this make it even simpler:

Let me know if you need help along the way!

From: Randall Leeds<>
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 12:23 PM
To: Amanda Visconti<>; Benjamin 
Nick Kew<>
Subject: Re: Things we need

ASF will host a static site in svn so it's similar to GH Pages in that sense.

You can use git-svn if you'd rather use git to interact with the repo.

For the non-www project code, we will get a git repo and not svn at all, though 
as I understand it the publishing hooks infra has set up for the web site rely 
on us storing those assets in the appropriate SVN repo.

One can even add two git remotes, one for code and one for git-svn, and have a 
workflow just like a master/gh-pages branches.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016, 09:10 Amanda Visconti 
<<>> wrote:
Thanks for this! I'd be willing to own the website, though I'm more comfortable 
with git than svn. That would also let us host the site via GitHub Pages, which 
I've found useful in the past (though maybe there are downsides to GH Pages for 
a project like this that I haven't thought of?).

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 9:58 AM, Benjamin Young 
<<>> wrote:

Hi all! (CC’d people I mention directly)

That clock thing keeps spinning round and round (somewhat influenced by the 
rotational habits of the planet…I’m guessing…). Consequently, we’ve got some 
items to tackle before our next Incubator report.

Here’s the list in my head—please extend it as needed!

Web Site

-          pending a URL fix (Nick’s got this, I think)

-          SVN repo is here:

-          Current site looks like this:

-          Needs:

o   Determine if we keep the old site (can we copyright/license-wise)? Randall?

o   Someone to “own” this bit. Amanda?


-          Repo? Is this it?

o   Do we just make additional directories (trunk, branch, etc) there?

o   That’s how Streams does it:

-          Plan. :) Randall, you want to lead the charge on that?

o   Do we continue with the Annotator.js code base?

o   Smaller bit based on Randall’s work?

o   Do we also want server side code now/yet/soon? /me has some.


-          Confluence? Nick? Randall?


-          Can we use GitHub issues for that? Nick?

That’s certainly not all we need to do here, but it’s what’s been buzzing in my 
brain, so I’m sharing it. :)

Additions more than welcome!



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