Good afternoon,

I am trying to determine whether the open-source software packages listed below 
are TAA-compliant.  My understanding is that TAA (the U. S. Trade Agreements 
Act) defines the Country of Origin as the country where the software is 
built--where final compilation occurs.  Can you tell me in what country the 
build server for the binaries/JARs for Ant and Ant-Launcher 1.9.1 was located?

Thanks very much for any information--or pointers to others who may have 
relevant information.  This question seemed more appropriate to the Developer 
List than the User List.  The ASF help folks advised me that the Release 
Manager for this version might be the best source for this information, but I 
don't think the RM is listed on public-facing documentation.

  Richard Austin
  Software Development Engineer
  Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Software Packages:
Apache Ant 1.9.1
Apache Ant-launcher 1.9.1

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