Hello *,

this is the scenario: I have "installed" a DEV300_m36 version (build
with dbgutil, and some modules with symbols enabled), so I need an SDK
of its own.

While trying to set this SDK env. parallel to the "normal" one, I find
the following:

- I "installed" OOo under /home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG/
- the sdk is so in /home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG/openoffice.org/basis3.1/sdk

* when I run
/home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG/openoffice.org/basis3.1/sdk/setsdkenv_unix it will
first detect if there is already a standard sdk env. under
/home/ariel/openoffice.org3.0_sdk; this can be solved with --force-configure

* problem is that after setting the output directory in
/home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG (and not the default /home/ariel)

-  a directory is created under
/home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG/openoffice.org3.0_sdk that contains in linux/lib/
symlinks to the URE libs; this is OK

- a directory is created under /home/ariel/openoffice.org3.0_sdk that
contains scripts in
this seems to be wrong

(a) shouldn't these scripts be created in the specified output directory
(/home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG)  instead of the default (/home/ariel)?

in configure.pl, prepareScriptFile() writes the files to
OO_SDK_CONFIG_HOME, but it should have been set first to
OO_SDK_OUTPUT_DIR (if this last was set by the user)

(b) this message printed by the script is wrong:

 * ... your SDK environment has been prepared.
 * For each time you want to use this configured SDK environment, you
 * have to run the "setsdkenv_unix" script file!
 * Alternatively can you source one of the scripts
 *   "/home/ariel/openoffice.org3.0_sdk/setsdkenv_unix.sh"
 *   "/home/ariel/openoffice.org3.0_sdk/setsdkenv_unix.csh"
 * to get an environment without starting a new shell.

it misses the host name:

 *   "/home/ariel/openoffice.org3.0_sdk/localhost/setsdkenv_unix.sh"
 *   "/home/ariel/openoffice.org3.0_sdk/localhost/setsdkenv_unix.csh"

so configure.pl should be

print " *
print " *

instead of

print " *   \"$main::OO_SDK_CONFIG_HOME/setsdkenv_unix.sh\"\n";
print " *   \"$main::OO_SDK_CONFIG_HOME/setsdkenv_unix.csh\"\n";

Finally, a nice-to-have for the NB plug-in would be the option to switch
between OOo installation/SDK envs. *per project* (currently it's only
possible a global configuration).


Ariel Constenla-Haile
La Plata, Argentina

"Aus der Kriegsschule des Lebens
                - Was mich nicht umbringt,
        macht mich härter."
                Nietzsche Götzendämmerung, Sprüche und Pfeile, 8.

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