Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
Hi Jürgen,

Juergen Schmidt escribió:
Hi Ariel,

yes, b) is a bug. You can submit an issue to me. It seems that i forgot
this when insert the hostname.

For a) i am not sure.

I'd put this summary for (a):

configuring a second SDK environment overwrites the existing one

- I have my original SDK output dir in /home/ariel/openoffice.org3.0_sdk
- this folder contains the scripts to set the current SDK env.

- I configure a second SDK env. (it may be for another SDK, in another
office installation) passing --force-configure, choosing a different
output dir in /home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG

This will

- create a *new* dir in /home/ariel/OOo_DEBUG/openoffice.org3.0_sdk
- *overwrite* the *existing* scripts in

yes by design ;-) The dir in the users home is always the place where the configure scripts are stored. Per default the output directory also. The output directory can be placed somewhere else. But not the scripts. Because the setsdkenv script in the SDK search for the configuration scripts in the home/<sdk> dir. The idea is that a user move in the SDK directory (shared for all user) call setsdkenv and the correct env gets prepared. A different user on the same machine can do the same and get his personal env. But both call the same setsdkenv script.

Overwriting the existing scripts sounds like an issue to me, because I
explicitly tell the script to create a *new* output dir (and in fact it
does so)
Call it bug or not but it can be definitely improved ;-)


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