Jason Cooper wrote:
I'm writing a Java client that I would like to, among other things, be aware
of OOo connection status. I've been reading through *3.3.1 UNO Interprocess
Connections* in the Dev Guide and understand the ConnectionAwareClient.java
example there.

I'm wondering if I can somehow connect to an OOo process that wasn't started
in listening mode. For example, an instance of OO Calc, started normally
(from the menu or whatever) that was running before my client was launched.
I'd like my client to be able to interact with and monitor the connection
status of that instance of OO Calc. Is this possible?
you can use the Bootstrap.bootstrap that will connect to the default office if an instance is already running or it will start a new one. The connection is done via a named pipe connection. You can't connect to an office on a different machine.

On a slightly unrelated note, I'm unclear on the differences between
Bootstrop.bootstrap (used in the FirstLoadComponent example) and
Bootstrap.createInitialComponentContext() (used in the ConnectionAwareClient
see above for Bootstrap.bootstrap, Bootstrap.createInitialComponentContext bootstrapped only a Java UNO runtime environment. At this time no office functionality is available.


If I'm going to use the bridge method of monitoring the
connection, do I have to use Bootstrap.createInitialComponentContext or
could I also use Bootstrap.bootstrap()?


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