Hello Jason,

I didn't read through the whole thread carefully, so excuse when I am repeating something already said.

You can use Bootstrap.bootstrap() to connect OpenOffice.org on the local machine, it will be started when it's not running. But the default connection here works only on the local machine. You cannot connect an OpenOffice.org on a remote machine for security reasons, as long as it's not explicitly allowed for you to do so, with OOo's starting parameter. You can always bootstrap a local UNO runtime, but that will not let you do much without connection to a local or remote Office.

HTH, Steffen

Jason Cooper wrote:
ah, ok now i understand but that is currently not possible. "simple
bootstrap" might be to simple here. But i agree that it would be a useful
feature ...


Ok, so it seems that the only way to monitor the conneciton to OOo (re: add
event listeners) is to go with the bridge/connection method. However, that
brings me back to my original question about whether or not I can use the
bridge/connection method without starting up OOo in listening mode first. Is
that also not possible?


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