Hi.  Just a quick update on how things are coming along on the ODT and
PDF of the entire DevGuide.

I have posted an ALPHA version of the doc here:
(it's 1750+ pages now, and currently about 1.55MB in size)

NOTE:  This is an early draft of the doc, not its final form.  There are
issues I am working on...
 - code blocks did not all export nicely from the Wiki
 - illustrations see to have fallen off somewhere
 - heading levels are not right
 - copyright information is not yet included (PDL)

What is looking OK though is the content and general layout.

So have a poke around in it if you like.  I'll be updating it with new
uploads as I clean up the doc and make it a little more presentable.
The PDF will follow once the ODT is in better shape.

Clayton Cornell       ccorn...@openoffice.org
OpenOffice.org Documentation Project co-lead
StarOffice - Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Hamburg, Germany

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