rony wrote:
> Hi Clayton,
> Clayton wrote:
>> Hi.  Just a quick update on how things are coming along on the ODT and
>> PDF of the entire DevGuide.
>> I have posted an ALPHA version of the doc here:
>> (it's 1750+ pages now, and currently about 1.55MB in size)
> Unfortunately the URL on that page,
> <>,
> causes the Wiki to think that one would like to upload something, which
> is not the case, I would like to download. Here, the resulting page:

Yes.... that's because you are clicking the link for the PDF... the PDF
does not yet exist... only the ODT.

A red link with an edit icon to the right means that page or object does
not yet exist, and the Edit or Upload page is what you are supposed to
get when you click the red link.

Try downloading the ODT... the one with the blue link :-)

Clayton Cornell Documentation Project co-lead
StarOffice - Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Hamburg, Germany

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