Try downloading the ODT... the one with the blue link :-)
Yes that worked and looks nice very nice so far. There are few things,
as you mentioned already, which are not yet 100% perfect, but it is very
useful already!

I will continue to update and post newer versions. Once the ODT is in reasonable shape, I will generate a PDF and post it as well.

One suggestion would be (but not sure who should do the work) to have
code snippets colorized to make reading easier (not only online, but for
those who own color printers that may be used to print those 1,752

Getting the color in is not a simple task. The color coding is not exported to ODT... at least not yet (and in many cases in the DevGuide, the code blocks are not yet wrapped with the <source> syntax).

I will keep it in mind, and see what can be done. If anyone has ideas or suggestions for this, speak up :-)

Clayton Cornell Documentation Project co-lead
StarOffice - Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Hamburg, Germany

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