Although I am ignorant in much of this, I do have some random thoughts.

Mathias Bauer mentioned allowing the container to control changes for some items (such as he did with notes2), but that this may be a problem with larger objects such as graphics objects and even OLE objects. On the other hand, I do not expect that an OLE object will have any ability to actively participate in the undo process, which forces implementation back to the container (or you simply state that changes made to an OLE object internally are not undoable). For some reason, I keep thinking about the implications of a linked sheet in a Calc document.

Now it sounds like two possible interfaces, one controlled by the container and one controlled by the object (that may have an edit engine).

There was also talk of throwing multiple types of exceptions when an error occurs. Does this prevent some languages (such as Basic, Perl, and similar) from participating in this scheme?

Can/will the undo API affect extensions?

Any thoughts on database actions? It does not seem reasonable that a SQL statement will participate, even for an internal Base document, this could be a very long running transaction.

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