On 25.05.2011 10:34, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

On 25.05.2011 08:35, Mathias Bauer wrote:
On 24.05.2011 22:31, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
Hi there,

in the meantime I have been able to add shortcuts to the toolbar items
and they are operational. However, the shortcut letter is not
underlined, although using the tilde (~) before the letter to be
underlined in the "Label" property of the toolbar item.

Is there a different property that I would need to use for having OOo
underline the shortcut-key?
(Again it works, using SHIFT+ALT+letter, where ALT is the META2



What do you mean by "again it works, using SHIFT+ALT+LETTER" ?
Just that the defined shortcut-keys are operational. E.g. the shortcut
for the "~Import" toolbar item gets defined as SHIFT+META2+I and if you
press SHIFT+ALT+I (META2 is ALT on my Windows keyboard) the toolbar item
gets executed. It is just the case that the "I" does not get underlined
in the toolbar item (a button where the text and the assigned icon get

Sorry for being dense ;-), where did you define the shortcut? If a shortcut is defined in a menu, it will executed only if the menu has the focus. I don't think that this works in toolbars. If I just ad a tilde to a toolbar item label, I don't see a way to execute this label as a command like in a menu.

Are you sure that you don't talk about accelerators (those who are assigned to commands using tools-customize-keyboard)?


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