thank you very much for your explanations!A comparable functionality
does not exist for toolbar items.

... cut ...
> OTOH, toolbar quickhelp texts can show *accelerators* that are
> configured for the same functionality, in the same way as the menus do.
> (We don't do that in the item text as in menus as space in toolbars is
> more limited.)
> The quickhelp for the "Open" button shows "Open (CTRL+O)" because
> "CTRL+O" is the accelerator for the ".uno:Open" command (in the
> default configuration that may be changed via
> "tools-customize-keyboard"). And the menu item for "Open" also shows
> "CTRL+O".
> There is some code in OOo's framework that adds the accelerators to
> the label or quickhelpt text. In menus this code works immediately as
> menus are always created at the very moment they are opened. Toolbar
> quickhelp texts need an update notification when the shortcut was
> changed. As it seems, this update notification is not sent. But the
> quickhelp text of a new document would be correct as the accelerator
> is already known when the toolbar is created.
How can I define a quickhelp text for each toolbar item? It seems that
by default the label of the toolbar item is used as the quickhelp
(tooltip?) text, and that does not exhibit the shortcut key by
underlying it.

> As an example, I configured "SHIFT-ALT-G" for "Insert-Gallery" in the
> keyboard configuration. The "view" menu (don't ask me why the menu has
> it in "view", the config in "insert" ;-)) immediately shows the new
> accelerator, the toolbar quickhelp doesn't. If I now open a new
> document, its toolbar shows the accelerator in the quickhelp text of
> the "Gallery" button.
Just tried this via "Tools->Customize", but it did not work with the
toolbar item.


P.S.: One observation: it is not possible to delete the programmatically
created toolbar using "Tools -> Customize" as the delete option is
greyed out. One can delete the individual toolbar items and make the
toolbar empty and on the next restart the toolbar seems to have gone.

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