Some process called "./testall -v" is running and also doing nothing.
Zero activity there. Truss says so.

# ps -ef | grep 29868
   dclarke 29868 26961   0 19:48:54 pts/14      0:00 /usr/bin/bash -c
teststatus=0; \progfailed=""; \for prog in testlockperf test
      root  5561 12826   0 22:05:05 pts/8       0:00 grep 29868
   dclarke 29900 29868   0 19:51:17 pts/14      0:07 ./testall -v

So I am curious about how to get some more information here.

It is passing for me on an an old system with very old sun studio. The
testpoll test
only takes about 2 seconds for me.

You can do e.g.

truss -u ::apr_poll\* -o truss.out test/testall  testpoll

Well, I have fairly new ( Fujitsu/Oracle SPARC VII+ ) systems with all
the usual contract support and kernel updates etc.  Out of curiosity I
could try a clean room approach and then maybe, just maybe, roll out
DTrace to see what is really going on.  However, given that I always do
compile everything with debug flags for testing and dev work reasons I
will try this inside the debugger first.


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