On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 1:59 PM William A Rowe Jr <wr...@rowe-clan.net>

> One obvious flaw I had missed in my earlier list, the problem with
> maintainer mode strictness and our APR_OFF_T_FMT warnings.
> I think the patch is as simple as prioritizing int over long... which
> would be the same logic already in use for size_t etc. Could those on
> affected platforms including the latest osx have a go at this configure
> hack before I commit it? (Remember to ./buildconf after patching).
> If this doesn't consistently work, I believe we would want to create a
> flavor of the  APR_CHECK_TYPES_COMPATIBLE() macro to verify type and format
> pattern against an actual strict printf() invocation.

Scratch that... it won't solve osx. sf and wuzhouhui already identified the
exact darwin error;

a.c:7:33: warning: format specifies type 'long' but the argument has type
      'apr_off_t' (aka 'long long') [-Wformat]
        printf("%" APR_OFF_T_FMT "\n", a);

Rereading the APR_CHECK_TYPES_COMPATIBLE logic, I misread it. We test and
successively pass ssize_t as int compatible, followed by retesting and
passing ssize_t as long compatible, so the resulting
APR_SSIZE_T_FMT pattern is "ld". However, even that test is wonky as it
relies on a gcc/icc internal nonstandard __builtin_types_compatible_p call.

Try compile is our friend here, working on the more general fix to test
that sizeof type $1 is sizeof type $2 and that the corresponding "d" "ld"
"lld" param works in a strict printf.

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