Hi Graham,
>From our discussion yesterday with Hortonworks, ING and IBM, I wanted to 
say that your proposal to clean up the Maven dependancies looks great - as 
you said this means that we will be able to cleanly add in JanusGraph (the 
replacement to Titan). 
>From what I took from yesterday, Atlas is tied to Hadoop (v2) because of 
its dependance on some Hadoop libraries and HBase. Hadoop is tied to java 
7. So the only Titan that we can easily use is 
 Titan 0.5.4 and TP 2. I wonder while you could look to split out the 
Hadoop dependancies, as these seem key drivers as to what Java and graphdb 
levels we can support. I wonder how compiling with Java 8 for Titan 1 / 
Janus deals with the Hadoop libraries and HBase dependancy - are these 
recompiled with Java 8 - how legitimate it this approach? 

   many thanks , David. 
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