On 19/07/2017 16:45, David Radley wrote:

for Hadoop 3 to bring in Java 8 and Janus? We should look to see what the
migration considerations are for Hadoop 2 customers to move to Janus.

It's probably worth creating a subtask, or separate JIRA for the specific data migration work.

Initially I think we can allow Janus only for new users, with existing users continuing to use titan 0.54 ... but at some point - in fact as soon as practical.. though this may be after hadoop 3 .. we should deprecate 0.54 & so need to get those customer's data forward migrated.

Additionally doing this even earlier than needed for hadoop helps to cement JanusGraph as the graph tech of choice in Atlas :-), though I'm unsure how many Atlas users there are currently, with production data, using titan 0.54 outside hadoop.


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