On 19/07/2017 16:26, Graham Wallis wrote:
> I think that specifying the -source and -target options won't help really.Thanks for doing the more detailed analysis.

> In my view the safest and preferred option would be to build, test and run
> with Java 8; and to spot and patch any source incompatibilities that
I agree with this - the other options seem to have the potential for subtle, hard to debug, unpredictable issues

> introduces. These would be obvious as compile failures. This option would
> also enable all Atlas modules to exploit Java 8 features as needed.
Surely though we could only use Java 8 features in any code not required for core Atlas functionality as used with Hadoop, since that still requires java 7?

We could though use it in JanusGraph on the basis that Janus is a new capability and not needed with Hadoop (2). ?


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