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> Entity update will process the relationship attributes specified in 
> "AtlasEntity.relationshipAttributes" and update the relationships 
> accordingly. If an entity has an attribute in both " attributes" and 
> "relationshipAttributes" (like hive_table.columns), then the values specified 
> in "attributes" would be ignored; and the entity will be updated for the 
> value specified in "relationshipAttributes". Given this, it is possible to 
> use 'relationshipAttributes', in the same way as 'attributes'. However, 
> considering that relationships are dynamic (i.e. a relationship type can be 
> added at runtime) and the entity-update API caller may not know all the 
> relationships of an entity-type at compile time, I would think such API 
> integration would only deal with attributes directly defined in an 
> entity-type.

As a follow-on question, to create some test data, I had been using the REST 
API directly, but spent a little time looking at the AtlasClientV2 api. Whilst 
I can create types, entities using that API, I noticed there didn't seem a way 
to create a relationship - only to get or delete. For client apps relationships 
can only be created via REST? Or did I miss something?

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