Given REST APIs support create/update of relationship instances,  I think 
AtlasClientV2 should support the same. Can you please file a JIRA, with 


´╗┐On 3/7/18, 3:37 PM, "Nigel Jones" <> wrote:

    On 2018/03/05 23:42:18, Madhan Neethiraj <> wrote: 
    > Entity update will process the relationship attributes specified in 
"AtlasEntity.relationshipAttributes" and update the relationships accordingly. 
If an entity has an attribute in both " attributes" and 
"relationshipAttributes" (like hive_table.columns), then the values specified 
in "attributes" would be ignored; and the entity will be updated for the value 
specified in "relationshipAttributes". Given this, it is possible to use 
'relationshipAttributes', in the same way as 'attributes'. However, considering 
that relationships are dynamic (i.e. a relationship type can be added at 
runtime) and the entity-update API caller may not know all the relationships of 
an entity-type at compile time, I would think such API integration would only 
deal with attributes directly defined in an entity-type.
    As a follow-on question, to create some test data, I had been using the 
REST API directly, but spent a little time looking at the AtlasClientV2 api. 
Whilst I can create types, entities using that API, I noticed there didn't seem 
a way to create a relationship - only to get or delete. For client apps 
relationships can only be created via REST? Or did I miss something?

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