Github user kwmonroe commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
bigtop-packages/src/charm/hive/layer-hive/lib/charms/layer/ ---
    @@ -69,35 +83,44 @@ def configure_hive(self):
             config = hookenv.config()
             hive_env = self.dist_config.path('hive_conf') / ''
             utils.re_edit_in_place(hive_env, {
    -            r'.*export HADOOP_HEAPSIZE *=.*': 'export HADOOP_HEAPSIZE=%s' 
% config['heap'],
    --- End diff --
    Looks like the rest of the changes to this file are lint fixes.  While they 
are much appreciated, in the future, please make them in a separate PR.  It's a 
bit harder to focus on the functional code changes with these formatting 


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