4.5.0 is out. Although we haven't reached a conclusion whether we want to
adopt "Time Based Release Plan" yet, I would still like to start the
discussion on the next releases.

The next *feature* release will be 4.6.0 and we will probably have a bug
fix 4.5.1 for branch 4.5. all the features will go to master and be
included in 4.6.0; bug fixes will first go to master, if they impact 4.5.0,
those changes will be cherry-pick to branch-4.5 (on merging) and be
included in 4.5.1.

Besides that, there are a few things we need to discuss and plan here:

- what changes that we are planning to include in 4.6.0? If you already
have ideas, please bring them upfront. If you don't have anyone now, you
can create issues later and mark them as `4.6.0`

- who will be the release managers to drive the next two releases? one is
for 4.6.0 feature release, the other one is 4.5.1 bug fix release. we
should start a rotation between committers to drive the releases. Any
volunteers for driving the releases?

- how long that we should target for 4.6.0 and 4.5.1? If we adopted `Time
Based Release Plan`, we will be targeting at 4.6.0 release in November. For
bug fix release, it can be a shorter one, around one month.

Thoughts, Volunteers?

- Sijie

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