Hi, guys,

Rc03 is ready for vote, here it is.

I am pleased to be calling this vote for the release of  apache 
brpc(incubating) 0.9.6-rc03.

The source code can be found at:

The release candidate has been tagged in GitHub as 0.9.6-rc03, available here:

 The SHA-512 checksum is:

which can be found via:

The signature can be found via:

KEYS file is available here:


[Release Note]

  *   Health (of a connection) can be checked at rpc-level
  *   Fix SSL-related compilation issues on Mac
  *   Support SSL-replacement lib MesaLink
  *   Support consistent hashing with ketama algo.
  *   bvar variables can be exported for prometheus services
  *   String[Multi]Splitter supports '\0' as separator
  *   Support for bilibili discovery service
  *   Improved CircuitBreaker
  *   grpc impl. supports timeout

Please vote on releasing this package as:

Apache brpc(incubating) 0.9.6-rc03

This vote will be open until “Mon Oct 30 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0800 (CST)" and

passes if a majority of at least three +1 Apache brpc IPMC votes are


[ ] +1 Release this package

[ ] 0  I don't feel strongly about it, but don't object

[ ] -1 Do not release this package because...

Checklist for reference:
[ ]Are release files in correct location?
[ ]Do release files have the word incubating in their name?
[ ] Are the digital signature and hashes correct?
[ ] Does DISCLAIMER file exist?
[ ]Do LICENSE and NOTICE files exists?
[ ] Is the LICENSE and NOTICE text correct?
[ ] Is the NOTICE year correct?
[ ] Un-included software dependencies are not mentioned in LICENSE or NOTICE?
[ ] License information is not mentioned in NOTICE?
Is there any 3rd party code contained inside the release? If so:
[ ] Does the software have a compatible license?
[ ] Are all software licenses mentioned in LICENSE?
[ ] Is the full text of the licenses (or pointers to it) in LICENSE?
Is any of this code Apache licensed? Do they have NOTICE files? If so:
[ ]Have relevant parts of those NOTICE files been added to this NOTICE file?
[ ]Do all source files have ASF headers?
[ ] Do the contents of the release match with what's tagged in version control?
[ ] Are there any unexpected binary files in the release?
[ ] Can you compile from source? Are the instruction clear?

Anyone can participate in testing and voting, not just committers, please

feel free to try out the release candidate and provide your votes.


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