Bval only looks in META-INF but TomEE for instance (more generally EE
servers) handles WEB-INF case.
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2014-03-18 17:50 GMT+01:00 Michael Blyakher <michael.blyak...@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Where is the validation.xml supposed to be for a web archive? The bval
> spec's only indicate the "META-INF/validation.xml" location, but the EE
> platform spec indicates that for a web archive this location must be
> "WEB-INF/validation.xml".
> EE.5.17 - "The name of the descriptor is WEB-INF/validation.xml for web
> modules and META-INF/validation.xml for all other types of modules."
> Given this, I don't see anywhere in the bval 1.0 or 1.1 code that handles
> this. Am I missing something or does this implementation not handle this
> case for web archives?
> Thanks,
> Michael

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