Welcome! Thanks for helping to bring us to a new audience, the
research community. (They were always there, but we've not been
serving them very well.)


On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 12:31 PM, Edmon Begoli <ebeg...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you, Michael, and Apache Calcite PMC/community,
> I am honored and privileged to be a committing member of this project.
> My goals and commitments are to help coordinate the R&D community,
> introduce research-related contributions to the project, and promote the
> project within the database and data management research community.
> My research interests are in the areas of heterogeneous data management
> (most prominently polystores), and in the methods for linking, aligning,
> and imputation of heterogenous, discontinuous datasets.
> I am a computer scientist with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and joint
> faculty with the University of Tennessee, EECS department. I am located in
> Knoxville, TN.
> For R&D minded colleagues here, or those interested in the exploration of
> concepts being introduced in the R&D settings (conferences, research
> portals (e.g. Google Research, etc.),
> please feel free to use me as a point of contact and coordinator of these
> activities.
> We already have a very good group going with Daniel, Michael, Jesus,
> Julian, and Riccardo, and we hope to keep delivering results, and to keep
> the community growing.
> Thank you,
> Edmon
> On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 2:43 PM, Michael Mior <mm...@uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
>> Apache Calcite's Project Management Committee (PMC) has invited Edmon
>> Begoli to become a committer, and we are pleased to announce that he has
>> accepted.
>> Edmon has been working with other members of the PMC to further Calcite
>> R&D and has invested significant time and resources into the project. This
>> includes taking the lead on a SIGMOD 2018 paper describing Calcite (which
>> will be shared once the final version is complete).
>> Edmon, welcome, thank you for your contributions, and we look forward your
>> further interactions with the community! If you wish, please feel free to
>> tell us more about yourself and what you are working on.
>> Michael Mior (on behalf of the Apache Calcite PMC)

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