I think we should post a news on the Camel front page about the
situation with the current old website and docs vs the new website and
docs from the source.

A rough plan for the new website and docs could be

- finish migrating the EIP docs
- create new TOC for new documentation
- copy over the good parts of the old docs for the new TOC and
otherwise write new parts from scratch (will be ongoing through 2018)
- build a new modern front page
- use the new Camel logo
- publish this to a new staging url so anyone can follow the work

A work plan could be that after the 2.21 release we will finish the
EIP migrations and get started on the TOC and gradually build up the
new documentation. At the same time folks work on the new website with
a new build system for publishing that, and get the tech stuff in

The new front page is likely where many people may have feedback/ideas
and it can take some time to get right - if there are more proposals
we could run a vote etc. Also we need new content for:
- What is Apache Camel
- How to get started etc

eg content for onboarding new users and getting them to quickly
understand what Camel is. That information is needed on both the front
page and some beginner pages.

As we are all busy with other duties at work / life / etc. then I dont
think we can do this quickly. And therefore I anticipate that we can

- a new stating url with a prototype of the new website and docs ready
for summer 2018
- continued work on the TOC and docs until its ready to replace the old site
- switch over to new website after summer 2018 when its ready (maybe
as part of Camel 2.23 release etc).

For the news on the Camel front page, then I do think we should draft
up a text that we can present. The stuff I wrote above is a bit
"rough" so I think we need to come up with a new text for the Camel
front page.

Anyone wanna help with that?

Claus Ibsen
http://davsclaus.com @davsclaus
Camel in Action 2: https://www.manning.com/ibsen2

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