I am in. Not sure about timeline, though.

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> Hi
> I think we should post a news on the Camel front page about the
> situation with the current old website and docs vs the new website and
> docs from the source.
> A rough plan for the new website and docs could be
> - finish migrating the EIP docs
> - create new TOC for new documentation
> - copy over the good parts of the old docs for the new TOC and
> otherwise write new parts from scratch (will be ongoing through 2018)
> - build a new modern front page
> - use the new Camel logo
> - publish this to a new staging url so anyone can follow the work
> A work plan could be that after the 2.21 release we will finish the
> EIP migrations and get started on the TOC and gradually build up the
> new documentation. At the same time folks work on the new website with
> a new build system for publishing that, and get the tech stuff in
> order.
> The new front page is likely where many people may have feedback/ideas
> and it can take some time to get right - if there are more proposals
> we could run a vote etc. Also we need new content for:
> - What is Apache Camel
> - How to get started etc
> eg content for onboarding new users and getting them to quickly
> understand what Camel is. That information is needed on both the front
> page and some beginner pages.
> As we are all busy with other duties at work / life / etc. then I dont
> think we can do this quickly. And therefore I anticipate that we can
> do
> - a new stating url with a prototype of the new website and docs ready
> for summer 2018
> - continued work on the TOC and docs until its ready to replace the old
> site
> - switch over to new website after summer 2018 when its ready (maybe
> as part of Camel 2.23 release etc).
> For the news on the Camel front page, then I do think we should draft
> up a text that we can present. The stuff I wrote above is a bit
> "rough" so I think we need to come up with a new text for the Camel
> front page.
> Anyone wanna help with that?
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