Hi Zoran

Which IDE do you make use of? I tried it using eclipse which is a bit buggy and 
I had to manually fix a lot of changes it made by hand (I wish I had tried it 
with IntelliJ first). Currently more than 3K outgoing changes in my workspace 
with all tests & checkstyle rules passing locally.

I would provide a PR in case this effort should become concrete.


> On 11 Oct 2019, at 10:51, Zoran Regvart <zo...@regvart.com> wrote:
> Hi Babak,
> I like lambdas as a concise way of writing callbacks and short
> stateless functions. I have my IDE auto replace inner classes with
> lambdas where applicable.
> I wouldn't use them on hot paths as they incur a deeper stack. On hot
> paths I'd prefer that we use stateless anonymous classes and avoid
> allocating new instances if possible, i.e. cache them in a class
> field.
> Where possible we should annotate Camel public API with
> @FunctionalInterface, to enable users to use them as they see fit.
> 2c
> zoran
> On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 10:12 AM Babak Vahdat
> <babak.vah...@swissonline.ch> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Would it make sense to you if we would change all the anonymous classes in 
>> Camel codebase to lambda expression where possible? Or any other idea you 
>> may have in this context?
>> Babak
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> Zoran Regvart

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