I go through the Cassandra jira weekly and I notice a number of tickets
which appear to be clear issues or requests for simple metrics.



I also have a few jira issues (opinion) would be simple to triage and
merge. Getting things merged is the primary pathway to meritocracy in the

Across some other ASF projects I have seen that when the number of small
patches becomes larger that bodies to review them. It can result and chick
and egg scenario where reviewers feel overburdened, but the pathway to
removing this burden is promoting contributors to committers.

My suggestion:
Assemble a low-hanging-fruit-crew. This crew would be armed general support
for small commits, logging, metrics, test coverage, things static analysis
reveals etc. They would have a reasonable goal like "get 2 lhf merged a
day/week/whatever". If the process is successful, in a few months there
would hopefully be 1-2 committers graduated who would naturally wish to
move into low hanging fruit duties.


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