That's a good idea, Ed, thanks for bringing this up.

Kurt, if you are offering up resources for review and test coverage,
there is work out there. Most immediately in the department of reviews
for "Patch Available."

While not quite low-hanging fruit, it's helpful to have non-committers
look through the patch while following the review checklist [0] and
then running test targets to make sure there are no (covered at least)

Non-committers can non-binding +1 a patch and that makes it easier to
just commit as is. Obviously there is some requirements for knowing
what you are looking at and being comfortable with reviewing the
complexity of the patch.

Also, we as committers could do a better job (myself at the top of the
list here) of quickly scanning said +1'ed patches where reviewer has
run the tests, and then committing them.

We'll probably have a bug introduced here and there, but the tradeoff
is bringing more people up to speed and broadening the active
day-to-day pool of resources and eventually adding committers.



On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 11:58 AM, kurt Greaves <> wrote:
> So there are a bunch of us at Instaclustr looking into contributing to the
> project on a more frequent basis. We'd definitely be interested in some
> kind of LHF crew under whom our new "contributors" could make tracks on
> becoming main committers, while having some close by colleagues who can
> help them through. Having said that I'm happy to be part of the so called
> LHF crew as soon as I'm qualified enough to do so. I'm currently full time
> on contributing to the C* project, so hopefuly it shouldn't be too long
> before I'm able to take on some of these duties.
> Kurt Greaves

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