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> Hi Akash,
> I get the part about outside work which is why in replying to Jeff Jirsa I
> was suggesting the big companies could justify taking it on easy enough and
> you know actually pay the people who would be working at it so those people
> could have a life.
> The part I don't get is the aversion to usability.  Isn't that what you
> think about when you are coding?  "Am I making this thing I'm building easy
> to use?"  If you were programming for me, we would be constantly talking
> about what we are building and how we can make things easier for users.  If
> I had to fight with a developer, architect or engineer about usability all
> the time, they would be gone and quick.  How do approach programming if you
> aren't trying to make things easy.

There's no aversion to usability, you're assuming things that just aren't
true. Nobody's against usability, we've just prioritized other things
HIGHER. We make those decisions in part by looking at open JIRAs and
determining what's asked for the most, what members of the community have
contributed, and then balance that against what we ourselves care about.
You're making a statement that it should be the top priority for the next
release, with no JIRA, and history of contributing (and indeed, no real
clear sign that you even understand the full extent of the database), no
sign that you're willing to do the work yourself, and making a ton of
assumptions about the level of effort and ROI.

I would love for Cassandra to be easier to use, I'm sure everyone does.
There's a dozen features I'd love to add if I had infinite budget and
infinite manpower. But what you're asking for is A LOT of effort and / or A
LOT of money, and you're assuming someone's going to step up and foot the
bill, but there's no real reason to believe that's the case.

In the mean time, everyone's spending hours replying to this thread that is
0% actionable. We would all have been objectively better off had everyone
ignored this thread and just spent 10 minutes writing some section of the
docs. So the next time I get the urge to reply, I'm just going to do that

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