I am trying to build 4.0 from sources and prior to this I was doing

ant artifacts

in order to get distribution tarball to play with.

The current situation in trunk is that I am not able to get that tarball
unless I use two Java's - 8 and 11. I have to have JAVA8_HOME (pointing to
8) and JAVA_HOME (pointing to 11) in order to produce it because of this in

1072     <!-- creates release tarballs -->
1073     <target name="artifacts" depends="jar,javadoc,gen-doc"
1074             unless="java.version.8"
1075             description="Create Cassandra release artifacts">

It is being set here

 168     Build instructions for release builds / builds that support both
Java 8 and 11:
 169     - requires JDK 11 in JAVA_HOME
 170     - requires JDK 8 in JAVA8_HOME
 172     Build instructions for development buils that only support Java 8:
 173     - requires JDK 8 in JAVA_HOME
 174     -->
 175     <condition property="java.version.8">
 176         <equals arg1="${ant.java.version}" arg2="1.8"/>
 177     </condition>

If I understand this right, if I do not run Ant with Java 11,
java.version.8 will be true so it will skip building tarballs.

1) Why would one couldnt create a tarball while running on Java 8 only?

2) What is the current status of Java 11 / Java 8? Is it there just "to try
it out if it runs with that" or are there different reasons behind it?

Thanks a lot

Stefan Miklosovic

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