On 3/6/19 7:10 PM, Stefan Miklosovic wrote:
> I am trying to build 4.0 from sources and prior to this I was doing
> ant artifacts
> in order to get distribution tarball to play with.
> If I understand this right, if I do not run Ant with Java 11,
> java.version.8 will be true so it will skip building tarballs.

Correct. You'll get a JDK8-only jar, but no full tar artifact set.

> 1) Why would one couldnt create a tarball while running on Java 8 only?

The build system needs a dual-JDK install to build the artifacts with
support for each/both.

> 2) What is the current status of Java 11 / Java 8? Is it there just "to try
> it out if it runs with that" or are there different reasons behind it?

JDK8 runtime is the default, JDK11 runtime is optional, but supported.
Here's the JIRA with all the details:

I just pushed a WIP branch to do a dual-JDK build via docker, since we
need to work on this, too. (lines may wrap:)

git clone -b tar-artifact-build

cd cassandra-builds/

docker build -t cass-build-tars -f docker/buster-image.docker docker/

docker run --rm -v `pwd`/dist:/dist `docker images -f
label=org.cassandra.buildenv=buster -q` /home/build/build-tars.sh trunk

After all that, here's my tar artifacts:

(tar-artifact-build)mshuler@hana:~/git/cassandra-builds$ ls -l dist/
total 94328
-rw-r--r-- 1 mshuler mshuler 50385890 Mar  6 21:16
-rw-r--r-- 1 mshuler mshuler 46198947 Mar  6 21:16

Or you could drop a dual-JDK install on your machine, export the env
vars you found and `ant artifacts` should produce the tars :)

Kind regards,

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