Can you start a new thread to build consensus on your proposals for modifying 
the commit process?

I do not share your views, as already laid out in my first email.  The 
community makes these decisions through building consensus, and potentially a 
vote of the PMC.  This scope of change requires its own thread of discussion.

> On 12 Apr 2019, at 20:46, Jordan West <> wrote:
> Since their seems to be an assumption that I haven’t read the code let me
> clarify: I am working on making time to be a reviewer on this and I have
> already spent a few hours with the patch before I sent any replies, likely
> more than most who are replying here. Again, because I disagree on
> non-technical matters does not mean I haven’t considered the technical. I
> am sharing what I think is necessary for the authors
> to make review higher quality. I will not compromise my review standards on
> a patch like this as I have said already. Telling me to review it to talk
> more about it directly ignores my feedback and requires me to acquiesce all
> of my concerns, which as I said I won’t do as a reviewer.
> And yes I am arguing for changing how the Cassandra community approaches
> large patches. In the same way the freeze changed how we approached major
> releases and the decision to do so has been a net benefit as measured by
> quality and stability. Existing community members have already chimed in in
> support of things like better commit hygiene.
> The past approaches haven’t prioritized quality and stability and it really
> shows. What I and others here are suggesting has worked all over our
> industry and is adopted by companies big (like google as i linked
> previously) and small (like many startups I and others have worked for).
> Everything we want to do: better testing, better review, better code, is
> made easier with better design review, better discussion, and more
> digestible patches among many of the other things suggested in this thread.
> Jordan
> On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 12:01 PM Benedict Elliott Smith <>
> wrote:
>> I would once again exhort everyone making these kinds of comment to
>> actually read the code, and to comment on Jira.  Preferably with a
>> justification by reference to the code for how or why it would improve the
>> patch.
>> As far as a design document is concerned, it’s very unclear what is being
>> requested.  We already had plans, as Jordan knows, to produce a wiki page
>> for posterity, and a blog post closer to release.  However, I have never
>> heard of this as a requirement for review, or for commit.  We have so far
>> taken two members of the community through the patch over video chat, and
>> would be more than happy to do the same for others.  So far nobody has had
>> any difficulty getting to grips with its structure.
>> If the project wants to modify its normal process for putting a patch
>> together, this is a whole different can of worms, and I am strongly -1.
>> I’m not sure what precedent we’re trying to set imposing arbitrary
>> constraints pre-commit for work that has already met the project’s
>> inclusion criteria.
>>> On 12 Apr 2019, at 18:58, Pavel Yaskevich <> wrote:
>>> I haven't actually looked at the code

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