As someone who has been here a (very) long time and worked on C* in
production envs. back to version 0.4, this large patch - taken by
itself - does, to be frank, scare the shit out of me. In a complex
system any large change will have side effects impossible to
anticipate. I have seen this hold true too many times.

That said, I think we all agree that internode has been a source of
warts since Facebook spun this out 10+ yrs ago and that we are all
tired of applying bandaides.

As has been talked to else thread - and this is the super crucial
point for me -  we also have a substantially better testing story
internally and externally coming together than at any point in the
projects past.

This next part is partially selfish, but I want to be 100% clear is in
the immediate interests of the project's future:
I am getting on stage in about a month to keynote the first Cassandra
focused event with any notable attendance we have had for a long time.
We are then all going out to vegas in Sept. to discuss the future of
our project and ideally have some cool use cases to show a bunch of

For both of these, we need a story to tell. It needs to be clear and
cohesive. And I think it's super important to get in front of these
people and have part of this story be "we took three years because we
didnt compromise on quality." If we dont have our shit together here I
think we will start loosing users at a much faster pace and we
seriously risk becoming "that thing you can run only if you are a
large company and can put a bunch of people on it who know it
intimately." Whether that is the case or not, *it will* be the
perception. We are just running out of time.

So back to this patch: on the surface, it fixes a lot of stuff and
puts us on the right track for the future. I'm willing to set aside
the number of times I've been burned over the past decade because I
think we are in a much better position - as a whole community - to
find, report and fix issues this patch will introduce and do so much
faster than we ever have.

I do want to end this with one more point because it needs to be
called out: a couple of people (even if I know them personally,
consider them friends and are both among the best engineers i've ever
met) going off in a room and producing something in isolation is more
or less a giant "f*k you" to the open source process and our community
as a whole. Internode is a particularly complex, messy, baggage ridden
component where there is an argument to be made that uninterrupted
concentration was the only way to achieve this, but it must be
understood that the perception of actions like this is toe stepping,
devaluation of opinions and is generally not conducive to holding a
community together. Again, i doubt this was the intention, but it is
the perception. Please let's avoid this in the future.

In sum, +1. I wish this process were smoother but we're running out of time.


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