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> > From my experience, when I or someone finds any problem with an RC I
> > rolled, I sigh, cancel, and redo; but not before complaining to myself
> that
> > if there where not 50 steps to do a release, it would be less of a pain.
> >
> Is there a jira issue to address this? Or is it just spread across TODO
> comments in shell scripts right now?

Shell scripts? Jiras? Nah, everyone seems to roll their own process based
on a combination of the site pages [1] and wiki pages like "Using Nexus"
[2]. In addition, IIRC, some components have their own scripts and
specialized instructions. The site instructions are updated from time to
time, like instructions now that we have both git and svn in the picture.

IMO, some of the length of the process is due to the fact that we publish
binaries to BOTH our Nexus repository and to another set of folders. This
seems redundant IMO, one place for should be enough.


[1] https://commons.apache.org/releases/index.html
[2] https://wiki.apache.org/commons/UsingNexus

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