On Sat, 17 Sep 2016 17:28:19 +0200, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
Le 17/09/2016 à 13:34, Gilles a écrit :

Your behaviour is in blatant contradiction with the Apache
motto, and this project's chair mantra (RERO), which is
truly ignored by the facts.

RERO isn't the Apache motto

I didn't mean that it was; there were separate arguments in
the above sentence:
 1. "Those who do the work get to decide..." (Apache)
 2. RERO (Gregory)

(and I'm not opposed to a release, I'm
opposed to declaring the current code as final and well polished).

Nobody can tell that it is final.
I didn't tell it (I should stop repeating myself).

On the other hand, I do consider it well polished, much more so
than many components, and in particular Commons Math which were
released nonetheless.
[Cf. JIRA and archives for shortcomings in "o.a.c.m.random".
Oh no, repeating myself, again...]

You came months late with remarks that show that you did not
follow the development.
It is fine; you did not have the time.
But then, do not assume that your proposals were not considered
long ago, and then, that some other constraints may have required
(IMO) to select another option.  [Check the log (in the Commons
Math repository.]

It was fine of you to try and help by raising your concerns,
less so to derail a long announced (on JIRA, and on the ML)
release after I answered all of them (even if not to your

Apache is actually focused on consensus and collaborative work, your
behavior goes against that.


And the rest, I'd rather not comment...


[1] Work with me towards modularity.

No thanks, I'm not interested in working with someone not open to
others' views. If even formatting a table properly is an issue for you
there is little I can do.

Emmanuel Bourg

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