And after the moron at Google decided girls should only get Barbie dolls, I'll 
personally pay for a batch that says Code Like a Girl. Myrle if you have ideas 
of something pithier that is broader, I am game.  Compute Like a Girl?  

Perhaps SK can do a pr.  And we can send a few with me to Google.  Diane Greene 
I will personally hand one too.  You can also send one to the YouTube CEO who 
was a rockstar in her rebuttal.  Only some boys will be allowed to wear them, 

I have coached girls and boys in LEGO leagues.  All I have ever found that 
guides it is interest level and social norm pressures. People are different.  
Celebrate uniqueness.

Ps climate change is real.
Pps Trump is a 30 foot chicken

Seriously. Write the pr if you don't think I am nuts. I am at Google in 2 weeks 
and they are flying me out in November.  I am and have been Google's number 1 
slot out of 150k admins on their official platform google.connectforwork.com.  
I don't abuse that but it's a good pulpit and I will add it to my sig.

Also speaking at a con for cPanel in September.  And all things open I am 
trying to attend. 


On August 10, 2017 8:43:52 AM EDT, Rich Bowen <rbo...@rcbowen.com> wrote:
>Looks like we can get 1000 for less than $200 from
>https://www.rapidwristbands.com/ so it would be a cheap experiment.
>On Aug 10, 2017 03:30, "Myrle Krantz" <my...@apache.org> wrote:
>> Cool idea Chris. I got three wristbands at SpringOne last year with a
>> company logo and "Code like a girl" on it. I wore one of them every
>day for
>> months. If I could get an Apache feather and "Code like a girl" I
>> never take it off again. : o)
>> Greets,
>> Myrle
>> On Thu 10. Aug 2017 at 09:22 Christofer Dutz
>> wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> > An Idea I had a few weeks ago: I’m a big fan of electronic dance
>> and
>> > there currently every artist creates silicone wristbands with their
>> artist
>> > logo on as giveaways and people are mad about them and tend to wear
>> > wristbands of the artists they enjoy most when going to music
>events …
>> > Here an example:
>> > http://images.locanto.net/1150662027/cool-wristbands_2.jpg
>> >
>> > Maybe it would be cool to have things like this for Apache
>projects. So
>> > when going on a conference people could wear the bands for the
>> > they like? I have to admit that I’d like the idea.
>> >
>> > Chris
>> >

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